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Let’s go to the Meilunshan Trail

Let’s go to the Meilunshan Trail 1
  • Address:No. 25-2, Shangzhi Road, Hualien City, Hualien County, 970
  • Hualien City
    Trail Tour
    Splendid Hualien

Let’s go to the Meilunshan Trail 1

The editor-in-chief of Hualien County Annales, Mr. Luo, Shang-Lin, in 1949 once described the “Eight Wonders of Hualien” as follows. “Running stream through Taroko, rolling mountains of Baluo, homecoming sail to the Port of Hualien, flying cyprinoid fish over the lake, splashing waterfall in Nengkao, missing path beneath scarlet maple leaves, scattering snowy jades of Xiuguluanxi (river), rinsing hot springs in Antong.” Baluo here was the old name of Meilun Mountain now.

Meilunshan (mountain) is the landmark of Hualien City. It is over 50 hectares and has a height of 108 meters, making it particularly outstanding on the plain. Moreover, the boundless deep blue Pacific Ocean is at its east, and the meandering Meilunxi (river) runs through to the west. So Meilunshan (mountain) is indeed an excellent place for locals to either exercise or just have a break.

Let’s go to the Meilunshan Trail 2

Mei-Lun Mountain – For family wonder in a rich eco-environment

Entering Meilunshan Park from Shangzhi Road, you can see a wooden barrier for traffic control. But keep going up, and the Meilunshan Park Ecological Exhibition Hall is just on your right. It is the first exhibition hall that focuses on the theme of firefly restoration. So, people might get to know those precious insects of nature before heading to the trail in this great hall.

Meilunshan Trail is smooth, so it is prevalent to see some small groups of friends chatting and walking there. On the tremendously bright green lawn, a slide and other park facilities are always good friends of children. The endless laughter of children brings coziness and warmth to this sunny winter afternoon.

Let’s go to the Meilunshan Trail 3

Enjoy the air of history and the spectacular Hualien.

Further to the green lawn, there is a pavilion for people to rest and enjoy the view. You might see the stream against emerald mountains. The eye-catching scenery is always a visitor favorite. You might see something special like military jets flying close to the ground with rumbling sounds as Hualien has an air force base.

It is a place for satisfying the needs of people to relax and exercise in their daily life, and historic ruins can be found here. Meilunshan (mountain) has many names, such as Biegui Mountain, Bali Mountain, Baluo Mountain, and Milun Mountain. The name of Meilunshan was confirmed in 1951. Due to its location and height, it became an important military spot with civil soldiers based here ever since the Qing Dynasty. The Japanese army also built bunkers and tunnels underground. And even the national army was once based here. It has the only cemetery for the guards of the president’s office in Taiwan.

Meilunshan Trail is suitable for all ages. It is not only a place for the family, but also a place to experience nature and improve health. People can reduce anxiety and enjoy the beauty of Hualien.