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  • Can I obtain promotional materials and publications?

    Please download the electronic promotional materials and publications from the department’s website (Travel Information->Map DM Download) and Travel & Adventure. Other promotional materials can also be obtained from the Hualien Railway Station Tourist Service Center.

  • Where can I go white river rafting?

    Xiuguluan River is the most popular white river rafting destination in Hualien. The 24km river section from Ruisui Bridge to Changhong Bridge estuary features majestic gorges and towering cliffs. Although white river rafting is available all year round, the peak season is usually between April and October. The Xiuguluan River Visitor Center located next to the Ruisui Bridge in the East Rift Valley marks the starting point of Xiuguluan River white river rafting activity. Inside the visitor center, one can find an exhibit area introducing the ecological resources of the white river rafting section along the Xiuguluan River, as well as a white river rafting safety video. Please contact legitimate white river rafting tour operators to sign up for white river rafting activities (please refer to the gourmet food, accommodation, traveling, and shopping section). You are free to choose a tour to join.

    Xiuguluan River Visitor Center: No. 215, Sec. 3, Zhongshan Rd., Ruisui Township, Hualien County. Tel. 03-8875400

  • Can I download and use the photos on the website?

    For the contents published on the department’s website, besides not being authorized as the subject matter of copyright according to the Copyright Act (such as acts, regulations, or speech scripts and news releases written by civil servants – please refer to Article 9 of the Copyright Act), other word descriptions, photos, pictures, audio recordings, videos, and other information are protected by the Copyright Act; apart from reasonable usage circumstances, consent should be obtained from the department before using the information. For contents of other copyright owners, consent should be obtained from them before using the information. The abovementioned “reasonable usage circumstances” include reports, critiques, education, research, or other nonprofit purposes; please cite the source when quoting the information. For more copyright-related statements, please refer to the website.

  • Where can I watch whales in Hualien? What are the chances of spotting them and which season is most suitable?

    Hualien offers the best chance of spotting a whale in Taiwan, particularly during June and August, where the calm waves make it the perfect whale-watching season, with a success rate of as high as 90%.

    At present, locations offering whale-watching services include Shiti Fishing Port and Port of Hualien, where medium to large whales can be spotted. In spring and summer, visitors can catch a glimpse of sperm whales, orcas, and pilot whales; the rare humpback whale visits Hualien mostly in spring, and if you are lucky, you can admire the deep sea beaked whale.

    Please contact legitimate whale-watching tour operators to sign up for whale-watching activities (please refer to the gourmet food, accommodation, traveling, and shopping section). You are free to choose a tour to join.

  • Where are the campgrounds in Hualien?

    Liyu Lake Campground (Shoufeng Township), Jiqi Beach (Fengbin Township), 

    Shitiping Campground (Fengbin Township), and Xiuguluan River Visitor Center (Ruisui Township), while there are Lushui and Heliu Campgrounds and Baiyang Parking Lot Campground in Taroko National Park.

  • Where are the cycling paths in Hualien?

    There are currently eight cycling paths in Hualien: Qixingtan cycling path, Chuying cycling path, Liyu (Carp) Lake cycling path, Mataian cycling path, Ruisui cycling path, Luoshan cycling path, Baibao River cycling path, and Yuli cycling path. Please search for more detailed routes online.

  • When is the Hualien County Joint Indigenous Harvest Festival held?

    The “Joint Indigenous Harvest Festival” is the most important annual cultural activity of the indigenous peoples in Hualien held at the Meilun Stadium in July every year. This is complemented by other activities organized by various villages during July and August including ceremonies, singing and dancing, paying respect to the elderly, and contests. Since the activities do not have a fixed timetable, please consult the Hualien Indigenous Peoples Department website ( before heading to Hualien.

  • Where can I enjoy hot springs in Hualien?

    You may go to the Promiseland Resort in Shoufeng Township; Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch & Resort hot spring area in Fenglin Township; Butterfly Valley Resort in Ruisui Township; Ruisui Hot Spring, Hongye Hot Spring, and Antong Hot Spring in Yuli Township. All you need is to set aside some time to enjoy the hot spring journey.

  • What are the major hospitals and contact details if I suddenly feel unwell in Hualien:

    (1) Ministry of Health and Welfare Hua-lien Hospital 

    Address: No. 600, Zhongzheng Rd., Hualien City Tel. 03-8358141

    (2) Mennonite Christian Hospital 

    Address: No. 44, Minquan Rd., Hualien City Tel. 03-8241234

    (3) Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital

    Address: No. 707, Sec. 3, Zhongyang Rd., Hualien City Tel. 03-8561825

    (4) Yuli Tzu Chi Hospital

    Address: No. 1-1, Minquan St., Yuli Town, Hualien County Tel. 03-8882718