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For the contents published on the Hualien Tourist Service Network (hereinafter referred to as the website), besides not being authorized as the subject matter of copyright according to the Copyright Act (such as acts, regulations, or speech scripts and news releases written by civil servants – please refer to Article 9 of the Copyright Act), other word descriptions, photos, pictures, audio recordings, videos, and other information are protected by the Copyright Act. The abovementioned objects not covered by the Copyright Act may be freely used by anyone. In regard to website contents protected by the Copyright Act, apart from reasonable usage circumstances, consent should be obtained from the Hualien County Government (hereinafter referred to as the government) before using the information. For contents of other copyright owners, consent should be obtained from them before using the information. The abovementioned “reasonable usage circumstances” are elaborated below:

    The department is the author of the writings published on the website in the name of the department. The information may be reproduced, publically screened, or transmitted within a reasonable scope. Please cite the source when using the information. 

    The information on the website can be reproduced for individual, family, or other non-profit purposes.

    For reports, critiques, education, research, or other legitimate purposes, the website’s information may be quoted within a reasonable scope. Please cite the source when quoting the information.

    For other reasonable usage circumstances, please refer to Articles 44 through to 65 of the Copyright Act. Besides the regulations of Article 80-1 that state “where removal or alteration of electronic rights management information of the work is unavoidable in the lawful exploitation of the work given technological limitations at the time of the act, and where the removal or alteration is technically necessary to the conversion of a recording or transmission system,” the website’s electronic rights management information may not be removed or changed without consent.

Link to the website:

Any website intending to link to the website must obtain permission from the government, but the link must clearly label the department’s name. If the link misguides the users, the department will not allow the link.

Relevant links to the website:

To facilitate the internet users’ convenience, the website only provides links to relevant websites, and the department is not responsible for the users’ behaviors on the said websites.


The web pages or information of the website linked to the department’s website are provided by the respective website owners, therefore the rights are owned by the respective websites or right owners, and the department will not guarantee their correctness, up-to-dateness, or integrity.