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Welcome to the Hualien Tourist Service Network (hereinafter referred to as the website), please read the following information carefully.

Authorization Method & Scope:

To facilitate the public’s use of online information, all the information and materials uploaded by the Hualien County Government and its affiliated agencies are protected by copyright. The information is provided to the public in a gratuitous, non-exclusive, and sublicensable manner. The users may reproduce, revise, edit, publically transmit, and use the information in other ways without being bound by time and geographic restraint to develop various products and services (value-added derivatives). The authorization will not be rescinded, and the users do not require authorization from the agency in writing or other forms, but they need to cite the source when using the information. 


  •  The authorization only applies to copyrighted information, not other intellectual property rights including but not limited to patents, trademarks, and the provision of agency logos.
  •  Whether the data disclosed by the subject or made public by the law can be collected, processed, and utilized, the user must abide by the regulations of the Personal Data Protection Act to plan and execute the relevant measures required by the law. 
  • Part of the video, audio, image, score, copy, or other writings must be authorized by the agency before use.

Beware of violating the moral rights of the third-party authors (including the right to show their full name, and improper changes being prohibited.)

When using the authorized information and materials, one may not maliciously change the related details; if the exhibited details are inconsistent with the original information and materials, the user must bear civil and criminal liabilities.

The website’s authorization does not give the users the right to recommend, acknowledge, or agree with value-added derivatives on behalf of the agency.