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Hualien Cultural and Creative Industries Park

Hualien Cultural and Creative Industries Park 1
  • Address:144 Zhonghua Road, Hualien City, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8313777
  • Open Time:全天開放
  • Hualien City
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The Old Hualien Brewery is located on Zhonghua Road, Hualien City. It was formerly known as the “Hualien Brewery of the Port of Hualien Branch, Monopoly Bureau of the Government of Taiwan” and mainly produced red wine and rice wine. When the old brewery was relocated in 1988 after more than six decades of winemaking, it was taken over by the Council for Cultural Affairs, which joined forces with the private sector to transform the brewery into the current “Hualien Cultural and Creative Industries Park.” The aim is to build upon the heritage of the old brewery and continue to foster cultural and creative developments.

Hualien Cultural and Creative Industries Park is one of the five major cultural and creative industries parks in Taiwan. The park boasts a large area and the old brewery has been retained; the simple, plain cement buildings and Hinoki cypress have become more enchanting after years of dormancy, making it a photogenic location for tourists. The factory buildings in the park have been transformed into an artistic space featuring a fusion of nostalgia and modernity including an exhibition hall, small theater, warehouse, and office building. It is also the venue for many important arts and cultural activities in Hualien today. In addition to organizing arts and cultural activities, the Hualien Cultural and Creative Industries Park also focuses on promoting the local cultural and creative industries. There are many small shops emanating contemporary characters in the park, and each space is a co-living space consisting of several small shops. Market fairs are also held from time to time during the holidays, turning the park into a hub of vibrant cultural and creative activities in Hualien.