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Hualien Pacific Lantern Festival

  • PostDate:2022-03-30

1. Introduction: The annual grand lantern festival is held during Chinese New Year, where 10,000 lanterns are hung in the streets of Hualien and the annual Chinese zodiac lantern area illuminates Hualien throughout the night. During the event, there is also a plethora of theme activities such as lantern riddles, busker performances, or other programs. You are invited to experience the festive Chinese New Year lantern activities.

2. Time: Around January to February every year.

3. Details: The Hualien Pacific Lantern Festival is an iconic Chinese New Year event in Hualien, with nearly 10,000 lanterns lighting up the entire Hualien, forming a comprehensive Chinese New Year tourism corridor that allows residents and visitors alike to appreciate the festive Chinese New Year vibes the minute they disembark the train. In addition, the lantern festival is divided into two exhibition areas (Pacific Landscape Park and Liyu Lake in Shoufeng), where the main lantern’s design is inspired by the concept of land and water exhibit areas. By day, the Liyu Lake area features the Muscovy duck family water art installation and musical fountain performance complemented by Chinese New Year decorations to engender a festive atmosphere. By night, the Pacific Landscape Park features the traditional Chinese Zodiac main lantern coupled with exhibition areas named after 10 major Chinese New Year dishes. Featuring performance programs every day and every night, the festive Chinese New Year vibes allow visitors and those returning to their hometown to embrace a brand new year with a sense of happiness.