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Hualien Summer Festival

  • PostDate:2022-03-30

1. Introduction: The spectacular concert is held every July at the 6th redevelopment zone of Dongdamen Night Market. Renowned celebrities are invited depending on the annual theme to celebrate the summer season of Hualien with you.

2. Details: The annual musical feast in Hualien features a grand stage designed for major concerts, inviting international superstars and well-known singers to present their performances. “All you need is a bus ticket to Hualien to enjoy the Taipei Arena quality concert” – the iconic Hualien Summer Festival.

3. Hualien Summer Festival is one of the most well-known and popular summer festivities in the country and a stage where superstars and idol groups take to the stage to showcase their talents. This event not only sets the trend in Asian pop music but also attracts international visitors and pop music fans to come to East Taiwan to meet and fall in love with Hualien.

In recent years, local performing group selections have also been conducted to discover emerging troupes in Hualien and offer them an opportunity to show off their skills. Furthermore, they can also stand a chance to take to the grand stage of the Hualien Summer Festival and become shining stars of the summer festival. The selection activity also serves to cultivate local performing talents by acting as the platform for nurturing pop music superstars.

4. Time: July every year.