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Liyu Lake

Liyu Lake 1
  • Address:No. 100, Huantan North Road, Chinan Village, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8641691
  • Sightseeing
    Shoufeng Township
    Splendid Hualien

Liyu LakeLiyu Lake is the largest inland lake in the eastern part of Taiwan. Every summer, the “red-faced duck” family comes here quietly and leisurely to spend their summer vacation with all the residents. Liyu LakeDue to the headward erosion, river captures occurred between Pinghexi and Baibaoxi, and between Lao Creek and Baibao Creek, causing a change in the flow direction of Lao Creek and a sudden decrease in the volume of the ancient Tonglanxi.Liyu Lake

The collapse and siltation of the fluvial fan of the Wenlan River to the north of Liyu Lake resulted in the blockage of the outlet of Liyu Lake and the outflow of the Lao Creek, creating a barrier lake that is now known as Liyu Lake. Liyu Lake is a famous scenic spot for a relaxing boat ride, a bike ride around the lake, and a stroll along the waterfront. The waterfront sitting area in the west of the lake is equipped with various water activities and facilities for family visitors to relax and enjoy the scenery. The 5-kilometer-long bicycle path around the lake allows cyclists to enjoy the beautiful view of the lake and mountains; there are also several forest trails on the 601-meter-high Liyu Mountain, which is a walking path for enjoying forest bathing, bird watching, and flower viewing.


Transportation guide

●By public transportation

(1) Take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle No. 303 (Rift Vally Hualien Route, Low-floor Bus) and get off at Liyu Lake Visitor Center (North) Stop.

(2) Take Hualien Bus No. 1139 (Bound for Shoufeng, some are Low-floor Bus) and get off at Liyu Lake Stop.

●By driving to the destination

Address: Turing toward the east at 16-km point on Provincial Highway No.9. No. 100, Huantan Road, Chinan Village

Shoufeng Township, Hualien County

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