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Nanhua Forestry Culture Park (Huanan Forest Park)

Nanhua Forestry Culture Park (Huanan Forest Park) 1
  • Address:No. 117, Section 6, Ji'an Road, No. 4, Gancheng Village, Ji'an Township, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8527526
  • Sightseeing
    Ji’an Township

Nanhua Forestry Culture Park (Huanan Forest Park)The eight themed areas of the Farglory Ocean Park are full of surprises, including the Fishing Village, Discovery Island, Ocean Theater, Happy Street, Pirate Bay, Brighton Shore, The Sea World, and The Crystal Castle.Nanhua Forestry Culture Park (Huanan Forest Park)The park has also planned 11 featured trails, such as the tree shade trail, camphor forest trail, bird-watching trail, etc. All are not long and suitable for a walk to absorb phytoncide in nature, enjoy the green of the park, listen to the bird chirps, and relax in the stroll.Nanhua Forestry Culture Park (Huanan Forest Park)Particularly in the tung blossom season during April-May each year, hundreds of tung blossom trees in the park will on new white jackets. When the tung blossoms fall on the ground as wind blows by, a velvety white carpet is formed for visitors to pilgrim the wonder of tong-oil flowers.