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Touring Hualien by Bicycle and Train

Touring Hualien by Bicycle and Train 1
  • Hualien City
    Cycling Tour
    Fenglin Township
    Yuli Township
    Xincheng Township
    Ji’an Township
    Shoufeng Township
    Guangfu Township
    Fengbin Township
    Ruisui Township
    Fuli Township
    Xiulin Township
    Wanrong Township
    Zhuoxi Township

Touring Hualien by Bicycle and Train 1

“Shuangtie Journal of Travel by Bicycle and Train” is based on a traveling concept of touring Hualien by bicycle; it introduces the journeys by train and bicycles. There are 10 bicycle paths in Hualien navigating through different landscapes, such as mountains, beaches, natural wilderness, or exploring the culture. Each well-designed course has satisfying features for cyclists, who can find new sensations during riding. Meanwhile, County Highway No. 193 is the best route overlooking the beautiful rift valley. Hualien has become the new cyclists’ paradise.


Information based on traveling by train provides visitors with details including how to rent a car, the length of each route, landscape introduction, cautions, etc. Each journey of the 10 bicycle paths is planned according to individual signatures, varying by environments, locations, or cultures. The Journal includes practical information for visitors’ convenience. Visitors can follow the Journal to reach Hualien’s top 10 bicycle paths and explore each destination according to detailed instructions and maps. Driving is not the only way to tour Hualien. Traveling by riding a bicycle is healthy; it’s a recommended option and a new experience of fitness.

Touring Hualien by Bicycle and Train 2