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Reading Time Secondhand Bookshop

Reading Time Secondhand Bookshop 1
  • Address:8 Jianguo Road, Hualien City
  • Contact Number:03-8358312
  • Open Time:14:00-21:30
  • Hualien City
    Popular Photo Spot

The wooden Japanese old house hidden in the alleyway of Hualien City boasts a beige exterior and dark blue wooden window frame, engendering an archaic, serene atmosphere as if taking the visitors back in time. In particular, the wooden sign in the bookshop is a popular backdrop for countless movie buffs who visit Hualien. 

The Reading Time Secondhand Bookshop not only oozes history, but its book collection is also just as interesting and full of stories. Pick a book and order a cup of the store’s aromatic coffee and sit on the aged, rustic wooden chair to enjoy a casual afternoon. The store also offers simple services such as creative groceries and a DIY platform.