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Jian Garlic Chives Field

Jian Garlic Chives Field 1
  • Address:Fuxing Village and Ji'an Village, Ji'an Township, Hualien County
  • Open Time:Open all day
  • Popular Photo Spot
    Ji’an Township
    Beauty of Flowers

White is definitely the most sensational and exclusive color of fall in Hualien! Located in Jian Township, the garlic chives field is adorned by a sea of adorable, beautiful little white flowers that form an almost autumn snow-like landscape. The neat, snow-white scenery is both spectacular and elegant at the same time, creating an illusion of paradise. This is not the most popular destination in Jian, so finding it requires a touch of luck. Please be careful not to trample on the farmers’ treasured garlic chives field when taking photos. 

Late in autumn, Hualien’s mountains, rivers, or creeks are always decorated in thriving Chinese silver grass, creating a unique white environment that emanates secluded beauty. The plant was described by Hualien poet Yang Mu as the symbol of maternal love. Please do be careful when searching for Chinese silver grass along the rivers or creeks to ensure safety.