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Yun Shan Shui Botanical Farm

Yun Shan Shui Botanical Farm 1
  • Address:No. 88, Alley 201, Lane 2, Section 2, Fengping Road, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8656060、0919-544-484
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Yun Shan Shui Botanical Farm 1Yun Shan Shui (YSS) is an emerging attraction and a must-visit sight in Shofeng Township. The sparking lake surface has different views in different times and seasons to enchant people.Yun Shan Shui Botanical Farm 2Yun Shan Shui Botanical Farm is a private property. The dreamy lake is artificial. The poetic and picturesque scenes turn the farm into an attraction. Although the farm is open to the public, many private houses and land inside are still private. When visiting the farm, speak softly and respect the privacy of residents. No car is allowed to enter the farm.

Occupying area area of about 24 hectares, YSS sits in Shofeng Township between the Central Mountain Range and Coastal Mountain Range in the East Rift Valley. The dreamy lake has an area of about 4 hectares with water clear enough to see the small fish inside. Therefore, it is also an attraction to migratory birds coming for food and housing, diversifying the local ecosystem. As many Palmae trees and seasonal flowering plants and broadleaf trees are grown around on the farm, there are different colors in different seasons, and each is charming and enchanting. This also a popular photographic spot.

Yun Shan Shui Botanical Farm 3The paradise-like scenes are attractive and enchanting. Children can run and frolic everywhere. There are some guesthouses on the farm for visitors to stay overnight.