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Farglory Ocean Park

  • PostDate:2021-10-21

Farglory Ocean Park

Farglory Ocean Park celebrated its fifteenth anniversary in 2017, and this year of the chicken also brought some exciting new experiences to the Park. There’s the interactive Discovery Island Aquarium app, “Drawing an Underwater World” that uses augmented reality to bring crayon sketches to life, and the Fantastic Sea World show at the Crystal Castle during the Spring Festival. Three million Taiwan dollars were invested to create the show’s new stage and visual effects. Its actors come from Bejing, Mongolia, Ukraine, Turkey, and Islamabad to perform aerial stunts, gymnastics, stage combat, puppetry, and more, bringing a stunning show to the audience!

ADD:No.189, Fude, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County


Opening Time:09:30-17:00