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Chuying Water Bike Path

  • Category:Cycling Itinerary
  • PostDate:2021-10-21

The Qinshan Line is 5.1 kilometers in length and the Water Line is 1.6 kilometers in length

Line 1 Chuying Qinshan Line→Dashan Bridge in Taichang Village→Jiye Shrine Monument→Hualien district Agricultural Research and Extension Station→ Ching Hsiou Temple→Tri-Service Public Cemetery→Sakura Field Health Food Restaurant→Liancheng Lotus Garden→ Nanhua Village Pine Forest

Line 2 Chuying Water Line→Nanhua Village Pine Forest→Chuying Bicycle Path→Chuying Water Eco Park→Jian Shuizhen Ecological Trail→Chuying Power Plant→Cross Trail Excavation Memorial →Junda Herb Health World