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Love Rift Valley

  • Category:Two-day itinerary
  • PostDate:2023-02-20



-Liyu Lake→Chinan National Forest Recreation Area→Guangfu Sugar Factory→Matai’an Wetland Cycling Tour→Lintian Mountain→Ruisui Ranch→B&B

Liyu Lake

Liyu Lake is the largest inland lake in eastern Taiwan. It is a popular scenic spot where you can take a light boat tour, cycle around the lake, or stroll along the waterfront. It is suitable for the whole family to rest and enjoy the scenery together.

Guangfu Sugar Factory

The sugar factory, which is now the center of sightseeing and leisure in Hualien Central District, retains neat rows of Japanese-style bungalow dormitories during the Japanese occupation period. It was built during the Japanese occupation period and has a history of about 80 years. The traditional and diverse architectural forms and Elegant in shape, it is the largest number of Japanese-style wooden building settlements left in the province.

Mataian Wetland

Matai'an Wetland is a lush natural paradise. The Fudden Creek winding through Matai'an Wetland from south to north nourishes the rich ecology of this swamp.

Lintian Mountain

In today's Lintianshan Forestry Cultural Park, apart from the masculine track and machinery, the wooden buildings built along the mountain are well preserved. The strong Japanese nostalgic style shows the soft side of Lintianshan Forest Farm.

Mizuho Ranch

The ranch has visitor centers, open-air cafes, parent-child recreation areas, bicycle paths and other facilities. Visitors here can not only drink fresh and high-quality domestic fresh milk, but also participate in activities such as feeding cows and watching ostriches, get close to animals, and experience feeding Fun, suitable for outings with the whole family.



- Tropic of Cancer Sign Park→Yuli Shrine→Eurasian plate bicycle tour→Dongli Iron Horse Station→Yuli Railway Station→Fugui

Tropic of Cancer Sign Park

The Tropic of Cancer runs through Chiayi County and Hualien County in Taiwan, and a monument was erected to mark the passage of the Tropic of Cancer. Located in Wuhe Village, Ruisui Township, Hualien, the white octopus-shaped Tropic of Cancer sign is beautiful in shape, surrounded by flowers and trees, and built into a small park. It has become a must-see for tourists when they come to Ruisui for sightseeing./001/Upload/437/relpic/12370/7986/f739be84-91cb-4fdd-ab46-a9fa7c8c7257.jpg