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Principal Dream Factory

Principal Dream Factory 1
  • Address:No. 16, Minsheng Street, Fenglin Township, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8764779
  • Fenglin Township

Principal Dream FactoryThe Principals’ Dream Factory located on Minsheng Street, Fenglin has been there since 1929. The factory is housed in a wooden single-story house. Up to this day, the building has kept intact the appearance of the old Japanese-style house. The building used to be the “Official Residence of the Governor of Fenglin Subprefecture.” In 2004, the Residence was renovated into the current “Principals’ Dream Factory.”Principal Dream FactoryThe first word-worshipping paper incinerator in Hualien-Taitung Area stands in the yard. The incinerator symbolizes the town’s love and care for words and its strong passion for education, which promotes the Hakka spirit of “going with the laws of nature” and “farming and schooling.”Principal Dream FactoryFenglin Township cradled the most principals in Taiwan. The number of people who have worked as a principal is over a hundred. Some retired principals even volunteer at the Factory, providing the visitors with information about the exhibits. The Factory also exhibits many literary and history books on the education and typing tools in the period under Japanese rule. It also displays the stories of the principals’ efforts. The Factory is like a museum of principals with stories laid out from oral history, and encourages the students in Fenglin to work hard and contribute to the world of education.