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Tianxiang Recreation Area

Tianxiang Recreation Area 1
  • Contact Number:03-8621100
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    Xiulin Township

Tianxiang Recreation AreaThe landscapes in Tianxiang are Xiangde Temple, Plum Garden, River Terrace, potholes, Wen Tian Xiang Memorial Park, Zhihui Bridge, Pudu Bridge and other recreational scenery. There are many trails to explore. That’s why Tianxiang is a must-vist spot in the Taroko National Park.Tianxiang Recreation AreaLocated at a 455-meter elevation on the eastern section of the Central Cross-Island Highway, Tianxiang has the most enormous and flattest terraces (caused by years of erosion and accumulation) found along the road. This section of the highway from Tianxiang to Changchun Shrine contains most of Taroko’s main attractions on the Central Cross-Island Highway.Tianxiang Recreation Area

To reach Xiangde Temple, visitors have to cross the Liwu River on Pudu Bridge. The Bridge was once an old suspension bridge, but for safety reasons, it was later reconstructed. Xiangde Temple is home to the world’s tallest statue of Ksitigarbha bodhisattva, Xiangfeng Pagoda, and a statue of White-robed Guanyin; it is one of Tianxiang’s main tourist areas.

Transportation Guide

●Take public transportation

Hualien Railway Station and Hsincheng Railway Station. Take Hualien Bus at Taroko and get off at Tianxiang.

●By driving to the destination.

Address: At 169 K on Provincial Highway No.8