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Shuhu Waterfall

Shuhu Waterfall 1
  • Address:Shuhu Village, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8652131
  • Trail Tour
    Shoufeng Township

Shuhu WaterfallLocated in Shuhu Village, Shoufeng Township, “Shuhu Waterfall” is secretly hidden in the forest. Because the Waterfall is in Laoshan, Shuhu Village, the residents mostly call it “Laoshan Waterfall.”Shuhu WaterfallIf you drive via Provincial Highway 9, you will see a long concrete navigation sign at the 225.5 km point in Fengtian, Shoufeng Township. There, you can turn right to enter the community and drive in the direction of Shuhu Bridge (Laoshan Bridge). Along the way, there are cherry blossom trees on the sides of the road. Whenever it is the blooming season, hundreds of cherry blossom trees will bloom together on the mountaintop. The blossoms look even more beautiful against the backdrop of the luxuriant forest.Shuhu WaterfallApart from cherry blossoms, there are also lush azalea shrubs along the way, guiding tourists to explore further. When you go further, walk carefully on the slippery stone road by the waterfall. You will see forest ferns and Epipremnum plants. The original trail route has been preserved, and it takes only around 30 minutes to reach the waterfall lookout platform. The 100m-high Shuhu Waterfall pours down like beautiful, delicate white silk. Nature’s craftsmanship is indeed astonishing.