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Shoufeng Township Cultural and Historical Museum

Shoufeng Township Cultural and Historical Museum 1
  • Address:23 Minzu Street, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8653830
  • Sightseeing
    Shoufeng Township

Shoufeng Township Cultural and Historical MuseumFengtian Village in Shoufeng Township was one of the migration villages built under the “migration policy” by the Government-General of Taiwan during 1911-1924. It is the better-preserved one surviving today. In the village, the chessboard road network, Japanese-styled buildings, tobacco factory, and torii are preserved, and the traces of Japanese colonization are seen in local blocks. These traces include Fengtian Elementary School (now Fengli Elementary School) and Fengtian Shinto Shrine (no Bilian Temple).Shoufeng Township Cultural and Historical MuseumAfter refurbishment, the colonial police station became the Shoufeng Township Cultural and Historical Museum displaying the common farming tools and everyday-live implements by integrating local historical resources for visitors to understand local history better.Shoufeng Township Cultural and Historical MuseumBesides displaying various old farming tools, old photos, and Fengtian jade (nephrite), there are also the works of the patchwork class for sale in the museum. The patchwork on the wall tells the stories of Fengtian and its residents, there are also elaborate patchwork bags and shopping bags for sale. In 2011, the museum was renamed Shofeng Hakka House as a museum of culture, history, creativity, and Hakka culture.