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Xinbaiyang Service Station

Xinbaiyang Service Station 1
  • Address:Xiulin Township in Hualien County is 142.6 kilometers away from Zhongheng Highway
  • Contact Number:03-8621100
  • Sightseeing
    Xiulin Township

Xinbaiyang Service StationThere is also an observation deck here, from which visitors can admire Qilai North Peak, Panshi Mountain, and Liwu Mountain.Xinbaiyang Service StationXinbaiyang’s name follows a Truku warrior called “Bayang.” He was strong, brave, kind, and respected by all. After he passed away, the Truku tribe named their community “Xikebayang” in his memory, and it later evolved into “Kebayang” and later today’s “Xinbaiyang.”Xinbaiyang Service StationBecause of Xinbaiyang’s unique terrain, the area is often foggy and home to circling clouds. Many visitors stop here to observe this beautiful sea of clouds; the spot is designated as a popular rest stop along the Central Cross-Island Highway.