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Farglory Hotel Hualien

Farglory Hotel Hualien 1
  • Address:No. 18, Mountain Ridge, Yanliao Village, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8123999
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    Shoufeng Township

Farglory Hotel Hualien

Erecting at an elevation of 220m in the north of the Coastal Range, Farglory Hotel Hualien sits by the coast near the mountains with a spacious view and over 10 hectares of landscapes in the Victorian style. At Farglory Hotel Hualien, you can see the blue Pacific Ocean and verdant East Rift Valley at any time for guests to feel the glory and customers to come to see the glory.

The hotel is design by WAT&G, the world’s top architect firm, with the brilliance and richness in the Victorian style blended to the serenity of the Pacific coast. Besides a lobby with an elevated ceiling of up to 28m, the hotel has nearly 400 guestrooms with constant aircon control. Floors are designed with special connections for flexible combination at the guest’s preferences to enjoy the luxury of the Victorian era. All guestrooms from the second floor onward have a balcony for guests to fully relax themselves. The hotel is surrounded by tree shades and lookout platforms to link all outdoor sights and indoor facilities. Sculptures in the Poet’s Garden, the dreamy and romantic atmosphere of the Four Seasons Greenhouse, the green of the green corridor, the vastness of the fire dance plaza, each has its own style to keep you stay.

In the east is the blue Pacific Ocean, in the north are Hualien downtown and Hualien Port, in the west is the verdant Taroko Gorge, in the south are the gorgeous East Coast and the Farglory Ocean Park.

Located at an elevation of 220m, a 5-star vacation hotel in the style of the Victorian palace with unique views and landscapes and nearly 400 guestrooms.

Capacity: 1,000 persons

Facilities: international conference room (600 persons), The Piazza KTV Bar (152 persons), Oriental Garden Chinese Restaurant (182 persons), British Garden Western Restaurant (168 persons), Akikusa Japanese Restaurant (109 persons), Outdoor Pool Bar (90 persons), stores, Love Bakery, laundry room, florist, underground parking (173 spaces).

Clubs: Indoor warm-water swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool, spa, gym, children’s playroom.