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Huide Trail: See the mountains, the ocean, and the trains

Huide Trail: See the mountains, the ocean, and the trains 1
  • Address:No. 174, Suhua Road, Xiulin Township, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8621100#6
  • Trail Tour
    Xiulin Township

Huide Trail: See the mountains, the ocean, and the trains 1

The Huide Walking Trail is only 750 meters long, but the beautiful views of the cliff and the Pacific Ocean have attracted more and more visitors. 

The north end of the trail is at the 174.2 km mark of Provincial Highway No.9. After the Huide Tunnel was opened to traffic, a section of the old Suhua Highway was rebuilt into a vast, smooth walking trail. After a 30-minute walk, people can see the beautiful Qingshui Cliff and enjoy the caress of sea breezes from the Pacific Ocean. 

Train going through the tunnel—a perfect shot for photographers


The 1,460 meter Huide Tunnel is the longest on Suhua Highway. Coming out of the north end of the tunnel, people can see the parking lot of the rest area not far away. It would be nice to get off the highway and walk on the trail to get close to nature.

Huide Trail: See the mountains, the ocean, and the trains 2

The trail is wide. Initially, cars were allowed to travel in this section. However, as the number of visitors increased, it became open to pedestrians only. Since the trail is smooth and easy to walk, it is particularly suitable for families traveling with children and elderly people. The ocean is not in sight at the first section of the trail, which runs along the hill covered with broadleaf trees that shelter visitors from the heat and blinding light of the sun. 

If the timing is good, one can look down and see the train on the North-link Line crossing between the Qingshui Cliff and the Chongde Tunnel, and the view in combination with the steep mountains and the ocean in the distance form a fascinating picture. Many photographers visit here to capture the moment of two trains meeting.

Huide Trail: See the mountains, the ocean, and the trains 3

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the trail between the mountains and the ocean

Carry on walking on the trail to the section by the sea, you will see a wooden observation platform from which the blue Pacific Ocean and the steep Qingshui Cliff will be in full view. After years and years of encroachment by the sea, the cliff stands perpendicular along the bay. The whiteheads and the bluish-green Pacific make a distinct contrast while many shades exist in between. The natural barrier composed of the tall cliff and the deep waters is a breathtaking sight.

The Qingshui Cliff connects the mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Visitors engage in water activities to enjoy floating up and down on the ocean when rowing. Within a short distance, the trail ends before the entrance of the old Qingshui Cliff; and, the trail is fenced up because of falling rocks. 

Please take a good look at the railing along the trail, it is built with rocks dug out when the Huide Tunnel was opened. Reusing the rocks with irregular shapes gives the trail an unusual character. 

On the trail, one can see the magnificent view of the ocean and the cliff. The slope is wide and smooth. It is nice to take a stroll here and enjoy the fantastic scenery formed by the endless ocean and the amazing workmanship of nature.

Scenery of Huide Trail

Keeping walking to the waterfront section stands an outlook platform where the blue Pacific Ocean and steep Qingshui Cliff is in sight. This nearly right-angled cliff magnificently erects on the arch shore where the white waves and the blue ocean bring a rich gradational change.

Scenery of Huide Trail 2

Along the trail on the mountainside is a thick broadleaf forest, which is a rare forest on the Qingshui Cliff. The stylish guardrail along the Huide Trail was made with the rocks and stones excavated from the tunnel construction project. The reused construction waste thus becomes a special view of the trail.