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Hutoushan Parent-Child Trail, A Place for Family Outings

Hutoushan Parent-Child Trail, A Place for Family Outings 1
  • Address:Xirui North Road, Ruisui Township, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8872222
  • Trail Tour
    Ruisui Township

Hutoushan Parent-Child Trail, A Place for Family Outings 1

The parent-child trail in Hutoushan (mountain) has unique features in all four seasons; white tung blossoms in spring and summer, red maple trees and plum blossoms are visible in fall and winter, making it the favorite trail for both local people and tourists.

The Hutoushan Parent-Child Trail is located in the Ruibei area of Ruisui Township. Along Provincial Highway No. 9 from Guangfu Township, it heads south, turning right to Shangbei Road before arriving at Ruibei Elementary School. Hikers can feel breeze blowing along the way. Accompanying green fields and blue sky, surrounded by the fantastic scenery of Ruisui Township, nothing can be more relaxing and easier than now.

Hutoushan Parent-Child Trail, A Place for Family Outings 2

Viewing the East Rift Valley from the Parent-Child Trail

The Hutoushan (mountain) was named “Damayan Mountain” in the past. It is the ridge stretching from the Dadanshan (mountain), the branch from the middle part of the Central Mountain Range. Hu-Tou means “the head of a tiger” in Chinese. The name comes from the massive stone at the top of the mountain. The stone is just like a tiger standing on the top of it. People also say that the stone looks like a laying tiger when you see it from the Coastal Mountain Range, and the mountain shape at the northwest trailhead is just like “the head of a tiger.” 

The Parent-Child Trail begins at the intersection of Qixian Road and Xiangbei Road. On the branch of the trail behind the hot spring hotels, the bamboo forest welcomes visitors at the trailhead, yet the plants and scenery change as one goes further, and dancing butterflies are your gentle company. 

The most attractive point of the trail is that soon after visitors bump into the East Rift Valley, the open land, scattered tiny houses, and the fantastic Ruisui street view are all under eyes. The distant Coastal Mountain Range is still hiding behind the clouds. The extraordinary creation of the endless rolling mountains seems to make the open land in the lower valley humble before the power of nature.

Hutoushan Parent-Child Trail, A Place for Family Outings 3

The trail to the beauty of nature

Not only the flying butterflies, but all the plants and flowers along the sides of the trail are things people can’t help but stop to appreciate. Purple morning glory, red hydrangea, or white flowers like magnolia, even if you do not know the names of those fabulous creations of nature, still you can enjoy the surprises everywhere. 

In summer, the season of dragon fruit. Hikers may see the busy farmers harvesting their organic dragon fruits. The dragon fruit trees clinging to betel nut tree branches first flower and then fruit. Those dragon fruit trees are supplied with a mix of fermented milk and water, so the flavor is unique

Ready to return home in the summer afternoon, people may find the clean propeller from a big boat outside the farmhouse. It tells a story about Hualien, sea, harvested fruit, fields, as well as the whispering of the sea breeze sent from the mountains. 

It doesn’t take too much time to visit the entire Hutoushan Trail. Spend some time; you’ll indeed find a surprising journey of your own. 


It does not take long for a round trip of the trail. Take a trip to find your own surprising journey.

Hutou Mountain Trail Trail Map

Looking down at a height, the continuous view of the rift valley, the Xiugulan River, Wuhe Platform, and street scene of Ruisui are all in your vision, making the trail the most challenged of mountaineering lovers.

Hutou Mountain Trail Resources

The southeast foothills of Mt. Jubunan sitting west of Ruisui Township is the southernmost coastal range of Taiwan. Along the foothills there are various low-altitude trees such as Makino bamboo, maples, thickfruit millettia, camphor, and others for visitors to enjoy phytoncide in nature and relax their body and mind through a journey that refreshes their body, mind, and soul.