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Changhong Bridge Tourism and Recreation Area

Changhong Bridge Tourism and Recreation Area 1
  • Address:Fengbin, Hualien
  • Contact Number:03-8781452
  • Open Time:00:00-24:00
  • Sightseeing
    Fengbin Township
    Seaside Destinations

Changhong Bridge Tourism and Recreation Area

The elegant arch-shaped Changhong Bridge spans both sides of the Xiuguluan River at the estuary, forming a beautiful rainbow outlook where the mountains and the sea meet, making it a famous photo landmark across the East Coast. This is also the terminal point for rafting, where tired and satisfied rafts dock. Strolling along the riverbank, waterfowl forage idly along the riverbed, bicycles come and go, and the landscape changes over the seasons. If feeling like a short break, come and buy yourself a cup of afternoon tea for a laid-back time at New Pacific 1. The Xiuguluan River is 104 kilometers long, the longest river in eastern Taiwan, and the only one that runs through the Coast Ranges. Standing at the estuary of the Xiuguluan River, “Changhong Bridge,” which refers to two bridges, the old one is suspended and the new one is in service now, connects the villages of Gangkou and Jin-pu at the north and south ends.

The old Changhong Bridge was built in 1969, but the traffic flow had been increasing over the years, so the “new”Changhong Bridge was built in 2006.

Changhong Bridge Tourism and Recreation Area 2The new Changhong Bridge, with its bright red design, is located between the hills and water, making it very eye-catching, and it presents varying scenery from near and far. The bridge is specially organized to separate the express and slow lanes, and there are even bicycle lanes and pedestrians so that visitors can enjoy the view of the Xiuguluan River estuary from the bridge in a secure manner.Changhong Bridge Tourism and Recreation Area 3

The old Changhong Bridge is no longer accessible to vehicles and has been converted into a pedestrian-only section. Pavilions on both ends of the bridge are built for strolling and admiring the magnificence of the new Changhong Bridge. The white bridge is particularly poetic but refreshing amidst the lush green mountain. Standing on the bridge and gazing at this view across the sea and sky is a joy to the soul.


Transportation guide

●By public transportation

Take Hualien Bus No. 1127, 1140,1145 (Sea Route, via Provincial Highway No.11) and get off at Changhong Bridge station.

●By driving to the destination

Location: 68-km point on Provincial Highway No.11, Fengbin Township, Hualien County