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Fanshuliao Rest Area

Fanshuliao Rest Area 1
  • Address:29.5km South of Highway11, Shoufeng, Hualien
  • Contact Number:03-8671326
  • Open Time:00:00-24:00
  • Sightseeing
    Shoufeng Township
    Seaside Destinations

Fanshuliao Rest Area 1

The most beautiful gorge view on the east coast is located in Fanshuliao. Unlike the magnificence of the Taroko Gorge, the view the steep gorge from the lookout platform at Fanshuliao brings a different taste.

A river valley basin and a steep forge sit in the west and south respectively of Bridge #18. The rock type difference is the main cause of these two different landforms. The Fanshuliao layer and Baliwan layer in the west are formed by mudstone and arenaceous shale, which are soft and weaker, while the Dulianshan layer in the east is formed by volcanic agglomerate that is hard and dense. Due to the rock texture differences, the landforms on both sides of the bridge are diverse.

The characteristics of Fanshuliao hide at the old bridge under Bridge #18. The most unique gorge view in East Coast lies here.

The Fanshuiliao River cuts hard rock layers at downstream into the deep and steep gorge landform characterized by erecting cliffs. The gorge is about 45m wide and hundreds of meters deep, steep and tough, comparable to the Taroko Gorge.

If a trip of more than one day is planned, it is great to explore the estuary section of the Fanshuliao River to experience the most unique gorge view in East Coast.

Fanshuliao Rest Area 2

It is said that the ancestors of indigenous peoples in Fanshuliao had made a rule: Whoever jumps over the gorge by pulling over with a bamboo pole can be the chief. As many challengers were killed and left their bamboo poles in the river, the location eventually became a bamboo forest known as the “forest of bravery”.


  • Public transport

Hualien Bus (coast line via Provincial Highway 11) routes 1127, 1140, or 1145 to Fanshuliao Stop.

Address: Next to Bridge 18, Provincial Highway 11, Shofeng Township, Hualien County.