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Fenglin Bike Path

Fenglin Bike Path 1
  • Address:Fenglin Township, Hualien County
  • Cycling Tour
    Fenglin Township

Fenglin Bike Path 1Fenglin Bike Path starts from Shinkong Harvest Ranch Resort on Provincial Highway No .9. It follows the ways through farms and fields. After connecting to Fuxing Road, it leads to downtown Fengling and passes several traditional industrial buildings, such as Liaokuai Tobacco Warehouse, Lingjincheng Tobacco Warehouse, etc. In eastern Taiwan, there are many Hakka people, most of whom reside in Fenglin Township, which is also Taiwan’s most significant Hakka settlement. Tobacco Warehouses are iconic Hakka architectural styles, while some have been transformed into restaurants or homestays to add new significance to old-time memories. Across from the Fenglin Railway Station, the Principal’s Dream Factory creates “The Classroom of Life.” Over the years, more than 80 school principals and teachers from Fenglin Township have supported the deficiency of school education. With their dreams and efforts, the Japanese-style official residence is renovated and regains its brilliance. Finally, the path goes around the railway station and returns to Provincial Highway No .9. The landscapes along the route are open fields and the mountains in the distance. This is a bicycle journey of culture and nature.Fenglin Bike Path 2

The total length of the path is about 24 km.

Road information: Mostly through farm fields with normal difficulty.