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Solar City

Solar City 1
  • Address:572 Chongqing Road, Hualien City
  • Contact Number:03-8310062
  • Hualien City

Solar CityThe Solar City was the old railway depot in former Hualien Railway Station. After the relocation of the train station, the depot was reconstructed into a building emphasizing the use of solar PV system. After the repainting and greening in 2015, it became one of the new recreational attractions alongside the tourism night market around and the bikeway leading to the Pacific Ocean. The sharp color paintings on the building walls and blue sky and white clouds bring people the feeling of sunshine and excitement like how “Solar City” was named. Inside the building, the early railway look is preserved to ensure the traces of history are never forgotten. There is a path linking the urban area and the Pacific Landscape Park. Without the interference of traffic, visitors can leisurely stroll along this grassy path to the scenic park and ocean view kiosk to enjoy the salty sea smell and listen to the roaring waves. It’s a great idea to talk a walk in the Pacific Park. Either locals or visitors would come here to enjoy the sea breeze, a little stroll, exercise, or cycling. It is a great place for exploring history and leisure.