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Hakka Cultural Museum

Hakka Cultural Museum 1
  • Address:164 Zhonghua Road, Fenglin Township, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8762625
  • Fenglin Township

Hakka Cultural MuseumFenglin Town is the major Hakka settlement in Hualien. Hakka people began to migrate and settle down from western Taiwan in the late Qing dynasty. The town is a typical Hakka community.Hakka Cultural MuseumAs the first in kind in eastern Taiwan, the Hakka Cultural Museum sitting in the Fenglin Park was established in 1993. The museum is a two-story building. On the first floor, the cultivation history, culture, religion, daily transportation, and common tools of Hakka people in Hualien are displayed. On the second floor, the farming tools and traditional Hakka clothes are exhibited.Hakka Cultural MuseumDespite the museum’s limited space, the records about Hakka culture are rather complete. Besides the voluntary contribution of related implements by locals, there is a wide collection of Hakka culture in Fengling Town where a strong community cohesion is demonstrated. Visitors wishing to learn about the Hakka history in Fenglin must add the Hakka Cultural Museum to their itinerary. The landscapes, kiosks, and recreational facilities in the neighboring Fenglin Park are quite complete. After visiting the museum, it’s a great ideal to stroll around the park.