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A Unique Cave on the Baiyan Trail

A Unique Cave on the Baiyan Trail 1
  • Address:Tianxiang, Xiulin Township, Hualien County
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    Xiulin Township

A Unique Cave on the Baiyan Trail 1

Baiyang trail is near Tianxiang in the Taroko National Park. To reach the hidden trail in the mountain, visitors need to walk through a long, dark tunnel. However, once finishing the tunnel, they come to an open space and start the exploration of the magnificent scenery with surprises. 

Baiyang Trail used to be a utility road built by the Taiwan Power Company. It’s a flat trail for easy walking. Along the way, the varied landscapes create beautiful scenery. Most hikers can reach the Shuiliandong (cave) before returning. The trip from the entrance to the Shuiliandong (cave) is about 2.2 km with seven tunnels. Visitors to the Baiyang Trail should bring a flashlight.

Baiyang Trail follows the winding winds along the Waheierxi (river) and Tacijilixi (river). Deep valleys and steep mountain walls flank it. Sometimes, the trail leads to a gentle hill. 

After getting out of the first tunnel, you will see the Waheierxi (river) upstream of the Liwuxi (river). Huge rocks are lying on the riverbed and look gorgeous, especially after the rain. The trail with beautiful mountain landscapes continues along the curvy river. Different landscapes are at the exit of each tunnel, including cliffs, and waterfalls.

A Unique Cave on the Baiyan Trail 2

Cooling Mountain Springs and the Unique Shuiliandong (cave)

Shuiliandong (cave) is at the mark of 2.1 km. In the cave, the mountain spring water pours down from the rock’s water-bearing layer at the cave’s ceiling. It creates the sight of a curtain waterfall, which is the most attractive feature of the trail. The cool flowing mountain spring water along with cool air keeps the cave at low temperatures. In the hot summer, visitors get an excellent, refreshing experience and forget all their fatigue. 

Due to water encroachment, visitors should watch out for the loose rocks inside the tunnel. Also, a flashlight is essential when hiking on the trail to avoid slips or falls on humid road conditions and rough cave walls.

A Unique Cave on the Baiyan Trail 3

Rich Landscapes and Varied Wildlife on the Mountain Peak

Baiyang Trail was made for the construction of a dam. The geology of this area is schist, pyrite, quartzite, and crystal. Walking on the Poplar Trail, visitors can enjoy the landscape of the river in the valley with the rousing sounds of white water. The vegetation over the mountain walls and the water occasionally seeping from the ceiling of the tunnel like tiny raindrops are unique landscapes of the trail.

Traces of animals are found along the entire trail. There are birds and insects among the treetops and the grassland. Flying butterflies are among the flowers. In spring, swarms of caterpillars will chew on the leaves of Elegant Pouzolzia and turn into pupae and butterflies. Formosan macaque is visible when they hunt for food in the trees during the sunrise and the sunset; sometimes, they walk on the trail. Visitors may have a chance to meet them. With the arrival of the northeast monsoon of autumn, Grey-chinned Minivet with colorful feathers will be found in the trees, looking like red leaves.

The changing scenery along this flat trail is indeed primitive. Baiyan Trail is suitable for a low-difficulty hiking trip; people can enjoy the experience of changing landscapes.