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Xiaozhuilu Trail, A Fun Experience of Mountain Forest

Xiaozhuilu Trail, A Fun Experience of Mountain Forest 1
  • Address:Shakatang Tunnel, Xiulin Township, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8621100#321、322
  • Trail Tour
    Xiulin Township

Xiaozhuilu Trail, A Fun Experience of Mountain Forest 1After several uphill and downhill slopes, the road ends under the crimson red Shakadang Bridge. The start of the Shakadang Trail is accessible for visitors, who can see the landscapes of boulders and cliffs and the appreciation of varied stone textures. Featuring the scenery of canyon terrain, visitors hiking on the Shakadang Trail won’t get too much sunlight in summer; that’s also the reason for it being very popular. There are many trails in the Tarako National Park; each has its own features. However, visitors can easily reach the so-called “youngest” trail, Xiaozhuilu Trail, with low difficulty. The distinctive landscapes along the route make it the perfect start point of the journey of Taroko.

The completion of the Xiaozhuilu Trail was in 2014. However, it was damaged by the typhoon in the same year. After renovation, it was reopened to the public. It is a scenic trail with a length of 650 m. Visitors can reach the trail from the Taroko Visitor Center by hiking through the Shakadang Tunnel, the trail starts at the east exit of the tunnel. It takes 25 minutes walking to finish the trail. There are different terrains along the way which is paved by wooden planks. The road conditions include the ladder walkway, small forest trails, and an attractive “wooden trestle suspension bridge.

Xiaozhuilu Trail, A Fun Experience of Mountain Forest 2

A Challenging Experience on the Suspension Bridge


Xiaozhuilu Trail used to be the mountain path for the Tarako aborigines going between the Taroko Terrace and Shakadang. The trail got its name because of its cliff terrain resembling the “Zhuilu Ancient Trail.” The trail is in the broadleaf forest on the northern slope of the Liwuxi (river). The ground are along downstream of the Liwuxi (river). On the left side of marble cliffs, there are many species of plants and wild animals, like monkeys; they are easily spotted jumping around in the area. Besides the view of a wide riverbed of the Liwuxi (river), visitors can overlook the Taroko Archway and the Jinwen Bridge.


At the middle section of the trail, visitors will have a unique experience when walking on the trestle suspension bridge across the “Ganxigou (river).” The suspension bridge is built with steel cables and has a width suitable for only one person. Visitors must carefully keep their balance on the bridge. It’s a thrilling feeling like walking on a rope, a fun and safe experience that everyone should try. For those afraid of heights, there is a “normal” flat iron bridge for them to go across the river.

Xiaozhuilu Trail, A Fun Experience of Mountain Forest 3

Healthy and Eco-Friendly Journey on the Hiking Trail 

The trail goes along the Liwuxi (river) and passes Gaocheng, where parking is almost impossible. After the Xiaozhuilu Trail was opened to the public, parking along the Shakadang Trail is no longer a problem; meanwhile, visitors can access the beauty along the Liwuxi (river).

The Xiaozhuilu trail has low difficulty; it’s an easy hiking trail for everyone. When the weather changes from winter to spring, new leaves emerge in the forest; it’s the best time to breathe phytoncides and observe birds in the wild. A journey based on low-carbon environment protection is the best way to visit Taroko.