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Fataan Bike Path

Fataan Bike Path 1
  • Address:Guangfu Township, Hualien County
  • Cycling Tour
    Guangfu Township

Fataan Bike PathThe Fataan Tribe is the largest inland wetland in Hualien and the hometown of Amis. With the coexistence of its indigenous cultural landscapes and the unique ecology of aquatic wetland, the tribe was awarded one of the Top Ten Classic Rural Villages in 2007. The trail entrance is across from Guangfu Sugar Factory (Hualien Sugar Factory) and spans along the Fudengxi (river) that originates from the Central Mountain Range. Landscape scenery varies from the agricultural irrigated lotus farms to springs and wetlands; also, there are numerous animals and plants. The Exhibition and Sales Center for Agricultural Products is a place to purchase merchandise, including those from lotus farms, the local specialty called Fataan, etc. Visiting the Mataian Wetland Ecological Park is an opportunity to learn about the distinctive wetland ecosystem. Eco-pond provides an experience activity of aboriginal fishing strategy called “Palakau.” The trail passes the Dragonfly Restoration Area and the Bailu Bridge before leading riders back to the starting point at the Guangfu Sugar Factory. The route is under overall planning, including using wood as the construction material for the walking trails and pavilions to meet local development and environmental protection needs. It’s a bicycle journey to experience the coexistence between nature and culture.Fataan Bike Path 2

The total length of the trail is about 8 km.

Road information: A paved logging trail 7.