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Ruisui Flamegold Rain Tree Boulevard

Ruisui Flamegold Rain Tree Boulevard 1
  • Address:Section 2, Wenquan Road, Ruisui Township, Hualien County
  • Open Time:Open all day
  • Sightseeing
    Family Fun
    Ruisui Township

The Hot Spring Road in Ruisui is lined with towering trees on both sides, and the riders can enjoy a pleasant ride with the breeze caressing their faces. Why not take a breather at the Grand Cosmos Resort Ruisui – Hualien to admire the Flamegold Rain Tree Boulevard set against the backdrop of the hotel’s castle-inspired architecture and imagine that you are in a European country estate. The flamegold rain tree changes color during different seasons – lush green in spring and summer, golden flowers blossom in early autumn, and the leaves gradually turn yellow or red, culminating in red capsules in winter – creating unique sights in different seasons. Don’t forget to try the vegetable hot pot served by the MaKaduo Garden Café on the same road, where you can taste special indigenous spices including macaw and ailanthus-like prickly ash.

After rambling through the Ruisui Hot Spring and Hongye Hot Spring, you should visit the Ruisui Ranch. As the production region of the famous Ruisui Milk, the ranch not only offers free admission but also popular dairy products such as nuggets, panna cotta, milk steamed buns, and ice cream. The vast ranch landscape is perfect for family activities such as cow or ostrich feeding, allowing you to spend a leisurely afternoon.