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77 Highland

77 Highland 1
  • Address:Shoufeng, Hualien
  • Contact Number:03-8227171
  • Open Time:00:00-24:00
  • Sightseeing
    Seaside Destinations

Outlooking the Pacific coastline and coastal mountains77 Highland, a military fortress in the past, is a place where very few tourists go. The terrain is not high, but the scenery is beautiful. It is a 360-degree view of the mountains and sea, and a panoramic view of the city. Due to the altitude of 77 meters, it is also known as 77 highland. It used to be the control area of the garrison. Along the way, it pass through the bunker and the abandoned barracks wall, full of adventure atmosphere. Surrounded by flowers, birds and the sound of the waves, it is easy and comfortable to have a walk here. Here you can see the estuary of Hualien Creek, the turbulence of the stream and the Pacific Ocean is spectacular. It is also the origin of Hualien’s old name "Wai Lan." You can also overlook the starting point of the coastal mountains, Hualien, Ji'an city, and the endless landscape of mountains and seas. 

Notice the risk from insects, mosquitoes, snakes, ants, heat stroke in summer. . It is recommended that visitors wear long-sleeved clothing when going to the highlands. It is best to avoid applying perfume and remind the area that there are poisonous snakes, venomous bees, and macaques. Visitors are requested not to off the trail and also to comply with the Wildlife Conservation Law. As the military buildings are old, people should not lean against the railings to avoid danger, and do not enter when the weather is bad. 

Whether you love photography or appreciate the scenery, 77 Highland is definitely one in a million in the recommended tourist list of various scenic spots.