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F1 Xiao Lai Beverage Stall

F1 Xiao Lai Beverage Stall 1
  • Address:50 Zhongshan Road, Hualien City, Hualien County
  • Hualien City
    Street of Chinese Cuisines
    Dongdamen Night Market

Vendor category

1. Signature layered drinks

2. Handshaken bubble tea and drinks

3. Freshly brew tea 


Top 5 signature drinks (exclusive and double-patented):

NO.1 Bubble mermaid (foreign vloggers and influencers’ favorite)

NO.2 Fantasyland fairy (fantasy texture and super eye-catching) 

NO.3 Unicorn (the only drink that the whole family can enjoy interactively.) 

NO.4 Berries party (full of anthocyanin to reduce the greasy taste and a look worth flexing about on social media)

NO.5 Isle Paradise (enjoyable color and taste for people of all ages)

all 5 items listed above are alcohol and caffeine-free beverages