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C3 Keuijang Ramen

C3 Keuijang Ramen 1
  • Address:50 Zhongshan Road, Hualien City, Hualien County
  • 好Q
    Futing Night Market
    Hualien City
    Dongdamen Night Market

C3 Keuijang Ramen

Vendor category

Japanese ramen, handmade dumplings

Introduction/ Description

The store's prime signature: shrimp-overloaded ramen, snowflake beef noodles barbecue with original flavor, and garlic soup bases. There are three flavors of garlic: pork bone, miso, and soy sauce (not spicy). The soup available from time to time is garlic, Mongolian red soup. Locally grown garlic from Yunlin was polished into a puree, seasoning with Xinjiang cumin-scented soup base that makes the most popular taste.


Handmade dumplings (chewy wrap): Locally grown fresh cabbage and high-quality domestic pork leg meat make a perfect combination.

Leek: local green head leek and cabbage mix up with top-quality pork stuffing.