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C13 Xiang Qi Zhi Wen Food Stand

C13 Xiang Qi Zhi Wen Food Stand 1
  • Address:50 Zhongshan Road, Hualien City, Hualien County
  • Futing Night Market
    Hualien City
    Dongdamen Night Market


1. Korean omelet sausage 2. Coffee drinks (iced drip coffee, hand-brewed coffee) 3. Organic mountain bitter gourd drink 4. Yuanyang, coffee with tea 5. Alishan cold brew tea 6. Herbal tea for healthy liver 7. Sour plum drink



1. The only Korean omelet sausage in Dongdamen Night Market, available for the following flavors (honey mustard, seaweed and salt, Thai sweet and spicy, and thousand island salad, etc.) 2. The only iced drip coffee in Dongdamen – hand-brewed art, affordable price, noble enjoyment. 3. Organic mountain gourd tea, refined from Hualien’s organic mountain gourd No. 6. 4. Sour plum drink is made from six kinds of Chinese herbs, quenching thirst, refreshing, and awakening the brain. 5. Yuanyang, coffee with tea, made from the owner’s own roasted coffee + antique black tea + special regular milk. 6. Alishan cold brew tea is made from hand-picked tea from Alishan, using deep seawater from the Taiwan Sea.