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A19 Shan Hao Oops Amis Restaurant

A19 Shan Hao Oops Amis Restaurant 1
  • Address:50 Zhongshan Road, Hualien City, Hualien County
  • Futing Night Market
    Hualien City
    Dongdamen Night Market


Stir-fried River Snail with Basil, Stir-fried Bird Nest Fern, Stir-fried Salted Pork with Green Onion/Scallion, Stir-fried Dried Flying Fish, Bitter Gourd with Salted Egg, Stir-fried River Snail with Basil, Chicken Soup with Preserved Chili Peppers, etc.



We have simulated a foreign-food-market vibe, where the ingredients are displayed in their original state. By displaying all the vegetables, customers can tell how fresh and how good their quality is, the whole process is just like going on an exhibition. In addition, this also provides us more opportunities to interact with customers, like guessing the names of the vegetables and giving them lessons about Hualien’s local ingredients, promoting crops grown in Hualien, and achieving the growth of tourism and economy.