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A34 BBQ.CornCorn

A34 BBQ.CornCorn 1
  • Address:50 Zhongshan Road, Hualien City, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:0983-588-329
  • Open Time:平日16:00-22:30 假日15:00-23:00
  • 好Q
    Futing Night Market
    Hualien City
    Dongdamen Night Market

A34 BBQ.CornCorn


BBQ corn and beverages


BBQ corn is one of Taiwan’s traditional gourmet foods, even though among all specialty foods in the world, only Taiwan has this technique. Started the business in 1963, it is the third generation of BBQ Corn Corn today with its own logo and special packaging. Takeout orders are packed in wrappings carrying its own logo. To preserve tradition, the store uses non-sticky package, which is unique in Taiwan. Unlike other BBQ corn sellers, BBQ Corn Corn insists on using “Taiwan non-toxic corn”. While native corn is not genetically modified, it is not easy to grow, grill, and preserve. Therefore, the store insists on using fresh corns transported fresh daily by train. Native corn is characterized by three mouth feelings: soft, hard, and chewy. The natural smell is its biggest different from ordinary BBQ corn, which is mostly pearl corn or glutinous corn whose price and processing are lower and less difficult. Therefore, very few shops make BBQ corn with Taiwan native corn, whose output is about 10% of all corn grown in Taiwan. In response to the preference of young connoisseurs, the shop has developed the fruit-flavored BBQ corn, which is soft, sweet, and juicy. The shop does not use imported corns but insists on Taiwan native corn grown under brilliant sunshine and without contamination. After grilling, the corn turns golden and becomes a lethal attraction! It is sweet, aromatic, juicy, with perfect mouth feel. Once started, no one can stop eating it! The shop also insists on charcoal grilling in a way different from other shops. It needs perfect time and heat control, about 270-360ºC, to grill corn. The sauce is cooked with herbs and specially blended soy source for eight hours to make the BBQ corn less harmful to health and taste more smoothly. It is extraordinary great to serve with the chili and the rice wine specially preserved and brewed by the shop for two years. Spicy food lovers just can’t stop trying them. In response to the rising vegetarianism and veganism, shop has also developed the vegetarian and vegan flavors in addition to the original flavor with sauces made with daily fresh warm pork lard.

To support environmental protection, the store also uses biodegradable plastic bags, paper, and laminate oil-proof paper.

People often think that corn is grill on a rack. Through continuous improvement and innovation, the shop has developed the rotating BBQ method to preserve the natural aroma of corn and ensure sanitation. This is also unique in Taiwan. With this method, only heat will be transmitted to the corn and no burnt will touch the corn cause hazards. The taste and flavor are adjusted according to the customer’s preferences.