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100-Year-Old Hsinwei Soy Sauce Brewery

100-Year-Old Hsinwei Soy Sauce Brewery 1
  • Address:No. 134, Bo'ai Street, Hualien City, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8323068、0968-988-585
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    Hualien City
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100-Year-Old Hsinwei Soy Sauce Brewery“Hsinwei Soy Sauce” is the only soy sauce brewery surviving in Hualien. The founder, Hsu Ri, was the younger brother of Hsu Yuan, who owned “King Soy Sauce” in Hualien. After buying the brewery from the Japanese, Hsu Ri renamed it Rihua and Zhenhu respectively, and eventually Zhenfang with the “Tiger Brand” as the trademark.

After taking over the business, Nan-Dong (ND) Hsu, third son of Ri Hsu, renamed it Hsinwei Soy Sauce Brewery, which is the only soy sauce brewery surviving in Hualien today. According to ND, transportation inconveniences in the past gave rise to the local soy sauce industry, and “Deer Brand”, “Tiger Brand”, “Lion Brand”, “Elephant Brand”, “Fish Brand”, “Eagle Brand”, etc. were all common brands. There were once over 20 soy sauce breweries in the county, and just Hualien City along there were 12, showing the thriving development of the soy sauce industry in yesteryears.

At the centenary of this soy sauce brewery, the third generation has turned it into a local cultural and creative food factory with a brand-new display space to recall people’s collective memories of the natural and sweet taste, present the new context of the development of Hualien’s local industries, and allow more people to see how soy sauce brew masters make soy sauce with natural ingredients in the rising awareness of food safety through exhibitions and DIY classes. By upholding the traditional way, Hsinwei continues the heritage of “pure handmade” healthy products.