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Hualien Railway Cultural Park

Hualien Railway Cultural Park 1
  • Address:71 Zhongshan Road, Hualien City
  • Contact Number:03-8338061
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Hualien Railway Cultural ParkHualien Railway Cultural Park used to be the “Hualien Harbor Branch Office” that managed the railways and highways in Hualien and Taitung. The Office was responsible for administrative affairs and supervising the construction and operations of the railways in the east. After it was deactivated, the place was registered as one of the historical buildings in Hualien County, thanks to the efforts of government authorities and private organizations. In 2003, the office was renovated and transformed into Hualien Railway Culture Park Hall 1. The old trees in the Park have been standing through different eras and protecting the precious remaining site of the railway. The Director’s room and archive room have been transformed into other exhibition areas inside the Hall. The Hall also features the “Costume Experience,” an exciting activity. Hualien Railway Culture Park Hall 2 is the renovated combination of the Old Hualien Construction Section and Police Section; it preserves the old offices, detention cells, and a blacksmith workshop. As a result, the place reeks of great nostalgia. In addition, the Park aims to introduce to the visitors the history of the building and the old locomotive of the east coastline, LDT103, which carries the historical meanings of the development Hualien-Taitung Area. To achieve this end, the park especially added a train whistle that sounds regularly, and a smoking device based on the image of the locomotive. In so doing, the historical scene from the past is thus represented.