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Hegang Pomelo Tourist Orchard

Hegang Pomelo Tourist Orchard 1
  • Address:No. 280, Hegang Village, Ruisui Township, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8872598、0932-655707
  • Fenglin Township

Hegang Pomelo Tourist OrchardHegang has agreeable weather and fertile soil. Through years of cultivation and improvement of local farmers, each pomelo tree there is over 20 years old. The pulp of pomelos from these old trees is aromatic, sweet, and delicate, beloved by most citizens.Hegang Pomelo Tourist OrchardIn response to the tourism trend and boost industrial development in Ruisui, Hualien, orchards in Hegang have transformed into tourism orchids. During the polemo harvest season, orchard owners offer free admission for visitors to pick polemos. If you want to drive here, take Provincial Highway 9 and turn left to Guoguang Road from Zhongshan Road in front of the Ruisui Railway Station. Then drive straight on to the Ruigang Bridge and turn left to County Highway 195 to get there.Hegang Pomelo Tourist OrchardVisitors should note that there are many mosquitos in orchards and take proper precautions to prevent mosquito stings. If you visit Hualien and Taitug in early autumn, why not dropping by the orchards in Hegang to enjoy the fun of fruit picking and taste the sweet and juicy pomelos.