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Chuying Qinshui (riverside) Bike Path

Chuying Qinshui (riverside) Bike Path 1
  • Address:973 Ji'an Township, Hualien County
  • Cycling Tour
    Ji’an Township

Chuying Qinshui (riverside) Bike PathChuying Bike Path is in the foothill of the Central Mountains in Ji’an Township. It has two routes, the Jian Qinshan (mountain) Line and the Chuying Qinshui (riverside) Line. The Jian Qinshan (mountain) Line starts from the Taichang Dashan Bridge, goes along the Central Mountain Range and through farmlands in Ji’an Township, a route with rural landscapes. One of the official immigration offices during the Japanese rule was in Ji’an, that’s why there are many Japanese architectures or monuments remaining in the township, such as the Jiye Shrine Monument and the Ji’an Keishuin (shrine) full of sacred atmosphere. The Chuying Qinshui (riverside) Line is between Nanhua Village and Gancheng Village, and it goes along the Ji’an Canal with water flowing straight through farmlands; after passing the Shuili Ecological Trail, it leads upstream and ends at the Chuying Power Plant. The water quality in the Ji’an Canal is clear, birds are visible along the way with pine trees are on both sides. It’s not a long path, the best choice for people to have a leisure cycling experience through farms.