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Taroko Arch

Taroko Arch 1
  • Address:187.5 km from Taiwan Line 8
  • Open Time:Open all day
  • Cycling Tour
    Xiulin Township

The archway inspired by Chinese palatial architecture is located at the intersection of the south end of Jinwen Bridge and Central Cross-Island Highway. The 6-letter inscription of East-West Cross-Island Highway was written by prominent contemporary Chinese calligrapher Mr. Wang Chuang-Wei, making the arch the most iconic symbol of the Central Cross-Island Highway since its opening. 

Ascend to the right of the arch to reach the Taroko Visitor Center, which provides detailed information on Taroko’s geology, ecology, and tourist attractions. The nearby Taroko Terrace Trail is flat, easy to walk, and only about 1,000m long, making it ideal for spending a leisurely afternoon.