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Shihtiping Recreation Area

Shihtiping Recreation Area 1
  • Address:Fengbin, Hualien
  • Contact Number:03-8781452
  • Open Time:00:00-24:00
  • Sightseeing
    Fengbin Township
    Seaside Destinations
    Splendid Hualien

Shihtiping Recreation Area 1Situated near Shihmen Shihmen, Shihtiping is an excellent place for diving and fishing. It presents a kilometer-long weird rock, more than two levels of abrasion platforms, and a coral reef that rises from the ground. The extraordinary pothole geology and the rocks are covered with all kinds of marine plants, such as screw pines, cacti, and morning glory, making a land of diversity. Currently, it has been assigned as a Geo Park site, providing visitors with a large parking lot, seaside trails, camping areas, and other extensive recreational facilities.Shihtiping Recreation Area 2Shihtiping is located at the southern end of Shihtiping Bay in Fengbin Township, Hualien, and the entire area is a massive coastal terrance full of marine-abrasion topography, such as sea caves, sea grooves, sea cliffs, and the pothole, which is particularly considered one of the best of its kind in Taiwan.Shihtiping Recreation Area 3Shitiping is rich in coral reefs and tropical fish. The tidal pond formed by the intertidal zone and the cave is home to various marine life such as algae, fish, shrimp, and shellfish, making Shitiping an excellent place to observe the rich ecosystem of intertidal zone and go diving. Visitors can follow the scenic area’s circular walkway or climb up to the 17-meter-high one-sided mountain to enjoy not only the geological landscape of Shitiping but also the spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.Shihtiping Recreation Area 4

If you have dreamt of seeing the starry sky at night, stay overnight by the magnificent Pacific Ocean, and be the first to see the sunrise, the Shihtiping campground is your ideal choice. The campground is well-equipped, so you can spend the night here, strolling in the moonlight or listening to the waves and gazing at the stars, enjoying the wonderful experience of blending in with nature.


Transportation guide

●By public transportation

Take Hualien Bus No. 1127, 1140,1145 (Sea Route, via Provincial Highway No.11) and get off at Shihtiping station.

●By driving to the destination

Address: No.52, Shihtiping, Fengbin Township, Hualien County

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