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Dashibishan Rest Stop

Dashibishan Rest Stop 1
  • Address:38.5km South of Highway11, Fengbin, Hualien
  • Contact Number:03-8671326
  • Open Time:00:00-24:00
  • Sightseeing
    Fengbin Township
    Seaside Destinations

Overlooking the Jiqi Beach Recreation Area on the trailThe entrance of Dashibishan Trail is located at the roadside parking lot passing Jiqi Beach. Its north-end and south-end entrances both connect to Provincial Highway No.11. Dashibishan Trail is 910 meters long, mostly made of railroad ties and stone steps, with mile markers and a seated pavilion along the way. When a heatwave hits, visitors can head to the newly opened entrance on the south side to hydrate themselves before proceeding onto the trail. Dashibishan Rest Stop is well designed, and the scenery of the scenic terrace is healing. It takes only about 15 minutes to reach an amazing view of the ocean horizon, and the magnificent wooden trestle with the blue sky, mountains and the sea as the background. This becomes a must-visit spot for bloggers and influencers for they can snap photos like a pro even without super fancy cameras or shooting skills. After exploring the trail, head across the parking lot to the aboriginal seafood restaurant for a tasty and flavorful meal before continuing your journey.