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Pine Garden

Pine Garden 1
  • Address:65 Songyuan Street, Hualien City
  • Contact Number:03-8356510
  • Hualien City
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Pine Garden

It is strategically located at the foothills of the Meilun Mountain, right across from Meilun River’s outlet to the sea. Pine Garden is a two-story quasi-western arcade building. The style includes a modest appearance with a focus on strength and durability. The walls are of the original color of concrete, while the first and second floors feature European-style arcades. The rooftop is made of Japanese roof tiles, which is a mixed architectural style of the east and west.

The Pine Garden is characterized by a thick pine shade right at the entrance, and a concrete-colored building hides in the thick pine forest. In the garden, there is green everywhere, and the fusion of historical buildings and natural landscapes forms the special look of the Pine Garden. Besides various cultural activities, exhibitions, and talks held from time to time, the Pacific Poetry Festival is held during October-November each year, making the garden the center of culture and arts in eastern Taiwan.

At the vintage point, visitors can look afar to enjoy the gorgeous views from the garden, which is a must-visit spot in Hualien to many visitors.


  • Public transport

Hualien Bus (North Line via Provincial Highway 9 and Provincial Highway 8, Central-Cross Highway) routes 1126, 1129, 1132, 1133, 1136, or 1141 to Meilun Stop.

  • Driving

Address: No. 65, Songhuan Street, Hualien City.