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Talampo Mountain Orange Daylily Season

Talampo Mountain Orange Daylily Season 1
  • Address:Zhutian Village, Fuli Township, Hualien County (Turn in from the east side of 308.6K about Taijiu Line)
  • Contact Number:03-8821725
  • Sightseeing
    Beauty of Flowers
    Splendid Hualien
    Fuli Township

Talampo Mountain Orange Daylily Season 1On the Talampo (Liushishi) Mountain in the southernmost of Hualien, orange daylilies are grown over an area of over 300 hectares, making this spacious flower sea one of the popular attractions in the flowering seasons. The mountain sitting in Fuli (Kongpo) Township is famous for the orange daylily flower sea during August-September every year. Climbing up on the mountain along the wriggling path and watching the magnificent flower sea is charming and splendid.Talampo Mountain Orange Daylily Season 2Turning to the industrial road along Provincial Highway 9, the higher the altitude is, the more charming the scene will be. There are ten kiosks on the Talampo Mountain named according to the alias of the orange daylily. Each has a different shape and a different view. Whether it is the orange daylily sea waving up and down because of the altitude difference or the magnificent mountain running high and low afar, each is a view in itself, making the mountain one of the popular spot for watching orange daylilies.Talampo Mountain Orange Daylily Season 3At sunset, don’t rush for a break but watch the starry sky to feel the boundless heaven. In addition, don’t forget the substantial benefits of daylilies while enjoying the view. The daylily contains rich iron and protein. Besides the high nutritional value, it is also great for food. There are many different ways of cooking to satiate the taste of connoisseurs. When looking for something tasty on your trip to Hualien, the daylily is surely be a good option.