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Antong Hot Springs

Antong Hot Springs 1
  • Address:Leheli, Yuli Town, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8875306
  • Yuli Township
    Spiritual SPA in the Forest
    Splendid Hualien

Antong Hot Springs 1

In the early days, Antong Hot Springs was one of the top eight views in Hualien; it’s also known as “Antong Zhuo Nuan. (meaning hot springs in Antong)” The water is almost transparent and is a weakly alkaline “sulfate spring.” The spring contains more than 15 kinds of minerals, the quality of a “Beauty Hot Spring.” We look forward to seeing you in person to spend a wonderful trip together in Hualien.


According to literature, Antong Hot Spring was discovered by Japanese workers eight years before the establishment of the Republic of China. The public baths were built in ROC 19 and has been renovated and expanded to their current size. The hot spring has a history of over 100 years and is one of the “Top Eight Views of Hualien.” It is a weak-base chloride sulfate hot spring that smells a bit like hydrogen sulfide. The water temperature is about 66°C. As you sink into the springs, you will feel your skin moisturized. However, even after you get out of the water, your skin will still be tender. The hot springs have a therapeutic effect on skin diseases, abdominal diseases, gynecological diseases, and wounds. At the same time, you may try the boiled hot spring eggs. 


The Japanese-styled tatami detached house built by the Japanese colonial government with pure Taiwan cypress as the police’s guesthouse is well-preserved with an integral appearance. It has been listed as a historical monument by the Council for Cultural Affairs (now Ministry of Culture) and transformed into a new, two-story Western-styled building as a spa house. In the spa area, Japanese landscaping features are everywhere, as if it was an ancient Japanese garden.

Antong Hot Springs 2The quasi-transparent water comes from a weak alkaline sulfate chloride spring with a mild smell of hydrogen sulfide. Water is abundant and the temperature is about 66°C. The outcrop runs along the Antong River for about 200-300m. Soaking in the spring, one can feel the smoothness on the skin, and the skin remains smooth and tender even when we leave the water. It is said that it helps cure skin diseases, stomach problems, gynecological diseases, and wounds.Antong Hot Springs 3Besides going on a trip by yourself there, you can also join a unique hot spring coach tour between autumn and winter. The combination of enjoying the hot spring and hiking is certainly a fantastic experience in the autumn.