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Walami Trail Leads to the History

Walami Trail Leads to the History 1
  • Address:Warami Trail, Zhuoxi Township, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8887560
  • Trail Tour
    Splendid Hualien
    Zhuoxi Township

Walami Trail Leads to the History 1

Steps on the Ancient Trail that Leads to a Retro Experience

Walami Trail is in Zhuoxi Township. It was a part of the Batongguan Traversing Trail built in the period under Japanese rule. 

In 1915, the “Kaxipanan Incident” occurred in the mountain area in Zhuoxi Township. Several Japanese police officers died in the line of duty. They considered the difficulties of managing aboriginal affairs; the Batongguan Traversing Trail through the Central Mountain Range trail was planned and opened to the public in 1921. The path reaching the west at Xiying Township in Nantou County while going east at Yuli Township in Hualien County is 124.6 km. The trail between Naanzhi Walami (Walami Police Post) and the east section of the Batongguan Traversing Trail is about 13.6 km long. At present, it is the route of the “Walami Trail.”

Walami means “doing something together” in the Bunun language. The pronunciation of Walami resembles the sound of “fern” in Japanese. Meanwhile, there were various species of fern in the neighborhood. That was why they gave the Japanese Police Post the name “Walami Police Post.”

Walami Trail Leads to the History 2Walami Trail is in the Yushan National Park and away from downtown Yuli about a 10-minute drive. Before hiking, visitors may visit the Nan’an Visitor Center to learn the history of the Batongguan Traversing Trail. Also, they may drop by the Nan’an Waterfall. Nowadays, an entry permit is not mandatory when hiking the first 4.5 km section of the trail, packed with visitors during holidays. However, the mountain entry permit and pass to the park are required when hiking the latter section of the course between Jiaxin and Walami. The trail is suitable for an overnight trip and is a very popular hiking trail these days.Walami Trail Leads to the History 3

Visit the Mountain Forest to Encounter Natural Landscapes

Walk on the trail for about 500 meters and you will reach “Shanfeng.” In those days, Japanese Police Posts were at the places along the route, including Shanfeng, Jiaxin, Huangma, and Walami. However, you may only pay tribute to the remains. The trail goes upwards along the Lakulakuxi (river); five suspension bridges spanning across the river valley are one of the features of the Walami Trail. Shanfeng Bridge No.1 is away from Shoufeng a short distance; at the suspension bridge, you can feel the breeze blowing and see the deep valley and mountains in the distance. From here, you can experience awe at the sight of the fantastic landscape. Shanfeng Waterfall is next to Shanfeng Bridge No. 2, where you can appreciate the spectacular view of the water cascading down the rock. “Jiaxin,” at the 4.5 km mark of the trail, is equipped with public toilets and a pavilion, which is the endpoint of the one-day trip. Most hikers will return to the start point after a short break. 

The beautiful Walami Trail is rich in cultural history and ecological scenery. The distance from the entrance to the Walami Hut is about 13.6 km with a gentle rise from 565 m to 1060 m; it’s recommended to new hikers. The latter section of the trail is only for experienced hikers. By all accounts, hiking on the Walami Trail is a journey worth trying.